About Soviet Spheres

Soviet Spheres is a photo book by Justin Kroesen and Willem de Boer about the remaining and changing Soviet relics in four former Soviet states. From 2004, the authors have visited Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine: European countries that arose from the Soviet Union, but have not become part of the European Union.


In the last 50 years, few events have brought so many political and social changes to the world as the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. However, not everything changed in the 27 years since. Photographers Justin Kroesen and Willem de Boer share a fascination for the moments and situations that still breath the atmosphere of the Soviet Union. On their travels they tried to capture that Soviet atmosphere in the physical environment as well as in people. Soviet Spheres shows these images as well as pictures that put those moments in context. The book focuses on a number of generally overlooked European backwaters and the way they seem to linger in the past.

Soviet Spheres was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter and was published in June 2018 by Mauritsheech Publishers. It contains a foreword by Renée Jones-Bos, ambassador for the Netherlands in Moscow.

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